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Les Eaux des Bermudes


Les Eaux des Bermudes

Les Eaux des Bermudes are an homage to the legendary tales of adventurers of the seas, from the Odyssey of Ulysses to Shakespeare’s Prospero.

They evoke all the heroic exploits of the oldest myths, as well as all our fears.

Seas, mysteries and beliefs are the ingredients for this new trilogy.

Languid on my salty rock, I am the daughter of a river god and a muse. My song is a bewitching whisper traveling over the waves like an irresistible, enchanting perfume. My divine voice is one with my magical powers, making sailors lose their way. Famous navigators say they have encountered me near archipelagos where I love to play my charms. I am a mythical creature, half-woman, half-fish. Beautiful and supernatural, I am the Siren.Can you resist my song of love?SIRENIS will be your temptation.


Your temptation

Sirenis, the fragrance that captivates like a mythical creature. Inspired by the mesmerizing Siren, daughter of a river god and muse, whose song travels over the waves like an enchanting perfume. With its divine aroma, Sirenis is the embodiment of the mythical creature's magical powers, making it an irresistible scent for those who seek to be captivated. Let yourself be transported to archipelagos where the Siren plays her charms with this beautiful and supernatural fragrance, half-woman, half-fish. Experience the allure of Sirenis and immerse yourself in a mystical world of beauty and seduction.
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Long ago in Norse sagas from the thirteenth century, I was described as the largest monster of the sea, giving rise to all fears as well as tothe oldest myths. A colossal creature capable of capsizing and swallowing an entire ship with its crew. Rising up from the watery depths with my tentacled arms, I haunt nights at sea with my abyssal scent. I am a giant monster that can devour immense wooden hulls, and I cannot be defeated. More powerful than winds and tides, I am the Kraken, a creature of the depths.ABYSSIS is my sea power.


Your power

Abyssis is the fragrance that embodies the power and mystery of the legendary sea monster. Inspired by Norse sagas from the thirteenth century, Abyssis is a scent that will take you on a journey to the deepest depths of the ocean. This fragrance captures the essence of the colossal creature, with its tentacled arms rising from the watery abyss. With a powerful and mysterious aroma, Abyssis is a reminder of the immense power of the sea and its captivating mysteries. Dare to unleash the power of Abyssis and conquer your fears with its abyssal scent.
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