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Les Eaux de Peau


Les Eaux de Peau

Originally, the nose was certainly the most animal organ that humans possessed, their most primitive and even bestial sense.
Humans had one of the best senses of smell in the animal kingdom, part of their survival instinct.

In tribute to our wild nature, Les Eaux de Peau fragrances tame these animal notes which stick so well to human skin, in acknowledgement of the seduction of animal beauty.

Often represented in medieval tapestries alongside a young woman in a flowery and fragrant garden, I am an imaginary animal, wild and solitary. My immaculate body is that of a fabulous white horse. Wearing a single, twisted poison neutralizing horn on my forehead. My ivory is sought after because it purifies the waters of its magical power. I embody love and mystery. I only appear in the light charged with the dynamic energy of my supernatural strength that only creative minds can perceive.Can you dream hard enough to see me? Because I am the animal that never was.BLANCHE BÊTE is my legend.

Blanche Bête

White flowers & Milky powdered

Blanche Bête is the fragrance that will transport you to an enchanted garden, where a mythical creature roams. With notes of white flowers and opaline light, this fragrance embodies the purity and magic of the legendary white horse with a single horn. Blanche Bête represents the power of imagination and creativity, a symbol of love and mystery. Let yourself be enchanted by the elusive presence of Blanche Bête, and let its magic take you to a world beyond the ordinary.
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Since the 17th century, philosophers have dreamt of defining humans' relationship to animals". Whether I am called “Homo sapiens”, “Modern man”, “Mankind”, “Human” or “Human being”, I am an animal. A wild man, a mythological figure in literature and art. I am the link between civilised humanity and the Elven spirits of an untamed nature. I live free in faraway lands, mysterious forests and boundless plains. My skin and my fur are both my weakness and my protection. I live naked, wearing only my scent which is that of nature. Ice-cold rivers, resinous forests, blazing rocks heated by the sun, carpets of leaves where I sleep. I am hunted and a hunter, like a beast. Driven by fear, armed with strength, cloaked in my scent. I am a man with a lion’s heart. BÊTE HUMAINE is my species.

Bête Humaine

The lively trace of a man of the forest

Bête Humaine is the fragrance that embodies the untamed spirit of humanity. Like a wild man, we are a link between civilisation and nature. Our scent is that of the earth, of the forests and rivers that we roam. We are hunted and a hunter, driven by fear and armed with strength. Our skin and fur are our protection, and our scent is our cloak. Bête Humaine is the scent of the lion-hearted, the ones who live free in faraway lands and boundless plains. Let the fragrance of Bête Humaine transport you to the untamed wilderness, where your animal instincts reign supreme.
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You know me without knowing me. I lived for a long time in the radiant heavens, before I was condemned. The night consoled me for my loss of the sun. Always victorious, I remain immortal, forever young. I move at the speed of thought, my spirit is volatile, like the money I like to spend on frivolous things. I transform the material into the immaterial. I hide and overturn what is real with my powerful imagination. At night I lie, enchant and disturb. I delight in dark, urban and smoky atmospheres ,on the damp paving stones of cities crowded with souls and hearts ready to be stolen. I walk through the dark proudly ,a red carnation in my button hole. I am invited to the grandest parties, where the whiff of gin and gulps of absinth cloud humans’ minds. My greatest trick is my perfume, an olfactory trace of my adventures, my loves, my confessions, my excesses. I am willing to grant youth is unique and sulphurous scent that trails behind me if you give me a kiss, full of your hot breath and weightless soul. I am an angel and yet I am called a demon…

Beauté du Diable

Grant favours to the one who possesses you 

Would you be willing to sell your soul to the Devil to possess his perfume? This essence is part of his powers, of his eternal seduction. Its fascinating composition reveals to us scented vapours with many facets, somewhere between beauty and peculiarity. Indomitable and elusive. The prize is the perfume of one with taste, yet the chaos of strange notes upsets this perfection, a mixture of reassuring timelessness and a fear of the unknown. Its unsettling uniqueness makes this fragrance a liqueur whose secret you want to steal. More than a perfume, it is a myth, a lure.
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