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Les Eaux de l'Est


Les Eaux de l'Est

Embark on a fragrant journey from East to West, as scents and perfumes of Eastern origins made their way to the West and Asia through the trade routes of Arabian spice merchants. Discover the pivotal role of spices and perfumes in society, where their significance is beautifully reflected in the Arabic language with over 40 words dedicated to expressing the essence of "perfume."

Fleur de Sable is a treasure. Born from a breath of a burning sand wind. Liquid spark with delicately spicy hints. Queen of the dunes forever nourished by its boldness. Born from the whim of a whipping. Queen of the dunes forever nourished by its boldness

Fleur de Sable

Desert garden

Experience the exotic and rare with Fleur de Sable fragrance. Born from the whims of the desert wind, this fragrance is a treasure hidden in plain sight. The salty and crystal petals, baptized with dew and delicate spices, create a unique scent that is as rare as it is bold. Be transported to the dunes and experience the queen of the desert with Fleur de Sable.
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Tapis Volant is a dream of imaginary flight. An aerial magic with breathtaking maneuvers. On a golden oriental carpet caressed by the sky. Born from a weightless dream of imaginary flight. Enchanted vehicle of a solar journey. Aerial magic with breathtaking maneuvers. Sensational fragrances that make you dizzy. Golden oriental carpet caressed by the sky. In never-ending waves silken and sensual

Tapis Volant

Silk garden

Tapis Volant, a fragrance that transports you on an enchanting journey through weightless dreams and imaginary flights. Experience the sensation of riding an enchanted vehicle on a solar journey, with breathtaking maneuvers and dizzying fragrances. This golden, oriental carpet caressed by the sky will take you on an endless wave of silken and sensual scents, leaving you mesmerized by its magic. Tapis Volant is a unique fragrance that embodies the boldness and beauty of the desert, a treasure worth discovering.
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Buveur de Vent is a wild creature. A stallion of light with fabulous strength. An exalted adornment like no other. Born from the saddle leather of a wild creature Trailing its powerful fragrance as it passes Stallion of light with fabulous strength Created by a god from long agoWhose power gives glory to his faithful Exalted adornment like no other

Buveur de Vent

Garden in the wind

Buveur de Vent is a fragrance born from the power of a wild stallion of light, created by a god from long ago. Its unique scent is inspired by the powerful leather of the saddle of this fabulous creature, which leaves a trail of fragrance as it passes. This fragrance exudes strength and glory, reflecting the faithful adornment of this mighty beast like no other. Let the fragrance of Buveur de Vent carry you away on a wild, powerful journey.
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