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Les Eaux Delâ

Symbolic fragrances with a great emotional and sacred power. They scent, wash or fill the air with their beneficial, esoteric or erotic properties.

Les Eaux Sanguines

This trilogy of fragrances draws its inspiration from holy wines. Perfume, like wine, is a blend and the best are created through human expertise and nature’s nurture.
These liquids flow through the veins of imaginary characters, the embodiments of modern heroes.

Les Eaux Imaginaires

A trilogy of legendary liquids, flowing on geographical zones, olfactive tales, dreamed waters.

Les Eaux de Peau

Originally, the nose was certainly the most animal organ that humans possessed, their most primitive and even bestial sense.
Humans had one of the best senses of smell in the animal kingdom, part of their survival instinct.

In tribute to our wild nature, Les Eaux de Peau fragrances tame these animal notes which stick so well to human skin, in acknowledgement of the seduction of animal beauty.

Les Eaux de l'Âme

The trilogy invites an artist to associate his spirits, his creative breath (the one that animates his passions), to the universe of Liquides Imaginaires that incarnates him in perfume.

Les Eaux de l'Est

Embark on a fragrant journey from East to West, as scents and perfumes of Eastern origins made their way to the West and Asia through the trade routes of Arabian spice merchants. Discover the pivotal role of spices and perfumes in society, where their significance is beautifully reflected in the Arabic language with over 40 words dedicated to expressing the essence of "perfume."

Les Humeurs

“In ancient medicine, the body was held in balance thanks to four humours, precious liquids within the body described by hippocrates, to ensure harmony and to restore balance and spirit.

Drawing inspiration from this theory, the Humeurs trilogy aims to summon perfume and its power to focus our emotions, enhance reality and disturb and heighten our senses.

With these subtle olfactory potions, I offer you a chance to unleash the strength of your imagination”.
Philippe Di Méo

Les Eaux des Bermudes

Les Eaux des Bermudes are an homage to the legendary tales of adventurers of the seas, from the Odyssey of Ulysses to Shakespeare’s Prospero.

They evoke all the heroic exploits of the oldest myths, as well as all our fears.

Seas, mysteries and beliefs are the ingredients for this new trilogy.