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Les Eaux Delâ


Les Eaux Delâ

Symbolic fragrances with a great emotional and sacred power. They scent, wash or fill the air with their beneficial, esoteric or erotic properties.

I chase away the dark as I thirst for light. Since ancient times, my benefits and universal purity have been worshiped. I honour the heavens on altars of marble and gold. My body is a treasure gifted to kings and gods. For you I burn my aromatic vapours in sacred rituals. I consume myself in diffused wisps, a holy breath. I am the symbol of material and immaterial realms, of spiritual elevation. Through my fumes I perfume you, in my blend I unite the visible and the invisible, in my offering I give you my purification. I am a holy relic infused with incense. My liquid is pure and radiant, swept away by the fresh air of a south wind laden with cypress and rosemary. I chase away your bad thoughts and illuminate your spirit. My mineral scent energises your skin with a new impulse. My unique perfume transports you to past millennia and to a future to be invented. I give you the energy to see. I am the water of goodness...


Holy water - a heavenly perfume

The water of goodness, sacred protection and precious weapon to elevate and open up the spirit.It provides the energy to see. The minerality of a holy water, imbued with the scents of church worship, but invigorated with fresh green accents of citrus, cypress and rosemary to create a contemporary incense.
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Walk in my sillage, in my scented shadow. I will light the way for you with my blazing fire, my living beacon. I devote myself to you. Like a voodoo fabric, I promise to protect you with my invisible armour and my invincible flame. I am the liquid that renders solid and strong. The torch which enlightens smoky thoughts. A ballet of incandescent and fragrant materials. I am black ink, as dark as burnt wood, the smoke released from sacred fumigation. An ink-wash painting spiced with oriental fragrances, saffron-coloured. A decoction of indelible perfume which frees you from evil spirits and negative thoughts. My darkness is positive as it reveals the diamond-like light of your spirit. I am the strength and beauty of the fire stolen from the God. In my inferno fear burns, from my spark my ashes are reborn for eternal life. Caressing the fiery coals of my erectile flame, my encompassing heat reassures. Nothing can withstand my power. 


Strong water - a perfume for reincarnation

Flowing with an unforgettably scented black essence, it imparts its precious virtues to banish evil spirits and embrace the future with strength. This enduring aromatic signature intertwines rare woods and spices, heightened by wisps of smoky allure, granting the fragrance an enchanting potency that captivates the senses.
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Since ancient times, I have been known in all baths, from Egypt, Greece and Turkey to the Roman Empire. From Mesopotamia to Asia, I roam in the air in whitish streaks. I hover around like a ghost. Material and immaterial, I am the symbol of lightness. I fluster moist flesh, concealed by my vapour. I obscure naked bodies languishing like alabaster statues. I am the vapour of a sensual water. I loom over silhouettes immersed in hot scented water. From these liquid cases, my fragrance is released in light drops, in thin transparent clouds. My aura is a sensuous wave which entices bodies to nudity, to furtive liaisons. I am carnal water. I warm your skin with soft spices, before placing a light milky veil laden with sandalwood. I encourage you to let go and put you in an altered state in which everything can be imagined, embodied and transformed. I am a source of well-being which dissipates tensions. The body confesses in my encompassing haze. In the intoxication of desire, my perfume is infused.


Cloudy water - a perfume for wild abandon

A sensual and carnal fragrance inviting nudity. Its scent is given off in the ecstasy of pleasure. A light veil of perfume filled with cold spices to be warmed up against the skin. The full sensuality of its sandalwood base notes is gradually revealed as the fragrance is gently infused against bare skin.
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