trilogie I

les eaux-delà

EAUX-DELÀ, are symbolic fragrances with a great emotional and sacred power.
They flavour, scent, wash or fill the air with their beneficial, esoteric or erotic properties.
These olfactory messages add to the imagery of liquid matter.

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SANCTI, L’Eau Bénite
The water of goodness, sacred protection and a valuable means of elevating and opening up the spirit.
It provides the energy to see
A heavenly fragrance.


FORTIS, L’Eau Forte
Black water with an indelible fragrance, it instils in you its precious properties to drive out evil spirits and face the future with strength.
A fragrance for reincarnation


TUMULTU, L’Eau Trouble
A sensual and carnal fragrance inviting nudity. Its scent is given off in the ecstasy of pleasure. 
A fragrance for wild abandon

trilogie II

les eaux sanguines

This new trilogy of fragrances draws its inspiration from holy wines.
Perfume, like wine, is a blend and the best are created through human expertise and nature’s nurture.
These liquids flow through the veins of imaginary characters, the embodiments of modern heroes.

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dom rosa

DOM ROSA, Champagne rosé
The scent of a rose sacrificed for the beauty of wine. An age-old Champagne ritual. 
Flower of passion, it’s excitement gives way to a romantic and mysterious charm
A perfume for passion

bloody wood

BLOODY WOOD, Grand cru bourgeois
Wine, a gift from the gods, is fragrance that extols intellectual and sensual passions. Bloody Wood is a love and silent duel that releases its truth in his "juice".
A perfume for challenges

bello rabello

BELLO RABELO, Beautiful hero of Porto
This fragrance is a "hero",
the fervent blood of a fighter.
Like the Rabelo boats that gained strength in the wind, it has a taste for risk-taking and intrepid adventures.
A perfume of adventure

trilogie ΙΙΙ

les eaux arborantes

The ARBOREAL WATERS are a sacred tribute to trees, to the wild, to both plant and animal life.
becoming a mythical being and protector.
As Shamans become wild through their ritual union these perfumes become sensorial “guides” forcing symbiosis
Arboreal waters offer a vertical journey, from earth to sky,
an imaginary voyage within the trees broken down into three perfumes:
with a spirit in nature.
with the forces of nature

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Nose in the soil, buried in the undergrowth, stirring smells of roots and fungus.
Damp soil scented with wilted flowers, burrowing animals and changing seasons. Planted deep within Mother Earth, the tree draws its strength from the nutrient-providing decaying matter of humus.
ITS SPIRIT: a deep spirit, with strong, solid roots, the telluric force without which nothing grows.

A terrestrial Perfume.


Scents emanating from inside the tree, just under its bark, from its resinous and camphorated vegetal nectar which ensures its growth.
ITS SPIRIT: the bubbling vigour of life, the will to live, to jump up, rise, the vital energy of the ambition to grow.

An Energetic Perfume.


Treetops, the seduction of its living and radiating flowers ensuring its reproduction.
ITS SPIRIT: the spirit of the border between the material and immaterial worlds, between leaf and air, freedom and dream, desire and exterior beauty.

A perfume in flight.