«These fragrances, potion or antidote, symbolize good and evil,
day and night, wisdom and intoxication.
Opposing yet inseparable, the trilogy is their esprit.»

Philippe Di Méo

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the sacred

The word perfume comes from the Latin per fumus meaning “through smoke”. Incense and resins were burned during religious ceremonies. Perfume played its first role in the sacred as an offering to the gods. Seduction and enchantment is its latest incarnation.

culte of
the object

Going back to the essence of perfume, its olfactory capital with its properties for dreaming, purifying, bewitching, fantasizing, and creating an imaginary universe with its fleeting fragrance. 

LIQUIDES IMAGINAIRES was created by Philippe di Meo to revive the perfume ceremony and ritual by developing new objects and alternative habits.  The bottle itself is an exceptional and precious object made with the expertise of craftsmen. It is mysterious and encloses the genius of perfume within it, like an amphora.


These fragrances are like puzzles, they are used to interpret thoughts, intentions, confessions. They memorize passages of life, desires, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. Volatile bodies that help leave the material world and cross into imaginary, intimate worlds, where the spirit scatters to explore other horizons and new desires.